Do you have a subscription to Envato Elements, you must be paying $29 or $19 every month – or you might have paid $228 for a 1-year subscription.

Here is my take on the subscription and why you are better off without this yearly subscription and upgrading for WordPress themes and Plugins. Lately, Envato has been asking to switch to yearly plan so that you can all WordPress Resources too, I think those are not of any use for any user.

  1. Price: Paying $228 every year for 400 + themes and plugins without any automatic updates is a waste, it’s as good as getting a GPL membership from those GPL sites (Like GPLVAULT, GPLZONE, WOOCRACK, GPLDL and Many more) selling all themes and plugins. Even these so-called GPL sites offer all plugins and themes, way more than what Envato Elements is offering for as low as $49 for 5 years or $15 for a monthly subscription.
  2. Updates: Most the plugins and themes that you get on Envato Elements are not regular licenced, so you will not get automatic updates and support from theme/plugin seller. So they are as good as downloading off the internet.
  3. Resources: I bought the subscription when they had an offer for $19 (Launch Offer), the very first month. Since then I have been paying $19 every month and haven’t fully used the service or the resources. The day when Envato announced that they will be adding WordPress to the subscription, I was excited but once they released with a yearly option, I was disappointed as they increased the price to $29. I was hoping that they will stick to the promise of $19 for the lifetime, as I was one of the very first customers who bought the subscription for $19. The day when WordPress was added they started with 200 + items and today they have about 400 + items. The 400 + number seems to be fluctuating from past few months. In fact, they released all 400 + items in the first 2 months. Some items seem to be getting removed and new items are getting added frequently, so they are constant with the items.
  4. Trust: They promised that Envato Elements subscription will be $19 forever for those who bought the subscription in the initial launch period. Now they added WordPress to the list and forcing to pay yearly. What if they decide to add Videohive and Audiojungle items and increase the price to $29 or even $49.
  5. Items: All these items that are being added to Envato Elements are not fresh designs, released for Elements community members, these are items that were sold on Marketplace and now added to Elements, that means someone might have purchased them before and are using them now. Since these are not some kind of templates wherein you can change a lot of stuff and create something new. Most of them are fonts, Print templates, Graphics – you cant really create something new out of them (mostly). If you try harder most of them are available on the internet for free. As a freelancer, I know how difficult it is to sell designs and convince clients in this creative field, I buy stuff from Elements or from the marketplace, because I value the efforts that have been placed by these designers and developers. However, these items are still something that is picked up from the marketplace and not freshly made for this community members. In such case why are they charging so much ($228 a year)? No one might be using them completely or even making huge profits from these items.
  6. Support: Most of the templates, CMS templates and other items do not come with support. Even though there is a documentation attached to most of these items. You will still not be provided with support from seller.

So Team Envato – please do consider these and think about your pricing structure and items that you are going to add in future.

For users, think before you purchase membership, whether its worth money what you are spending.

If you think otherwise, I would love to hear, leave a comment.

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