Four ingenious ways to use videos for online marketing

Four ingenious ways to use videos for online marketing

On the internet marketing techniques keep evolving all the while. What was in vogue a few years back need not necessarily be the accepted norm later on. Like submission of articles to directories is a marketing practice that most businesses follow to this day. But of late it is video marketing that is trending all over.

And with good reason too. A well-made video can help sell your product and showcase the business effectively. The audio-visual combination of a video also makes it easier to leave a lasting impression on viewers. Most importantly a video has the potential to go viral – that reaches out to audiences (and prospective customers) worldwide in a short span of time.

Since there are several video sharing platforms available where tons of videos get uploaded on a daily basis, it is important to devise smart strategies while using videos for marketing purpose. Encapsulated below are some ways in which videos can be used to market your business.

1. YouTube integration – Talk of video marketing and the first thing that springs to mind is YouTube, the world’s top video sharing platform. Not only can you upload & share videos on this platform but even start an exclusive channel that showcases your business to the world at large. Users can subscribe to this channel of yours thereby creating a database of potential leads for your business. These subscribers even have the option to like, comment on and share your videos on other social networking sites.

Another nice touch is the description box that is present at the bottom of every video that you choose to upload. Not unlike the author resource box, this option on Youtube allows users to know more, albeit briefly about your product and/or business along with a link to your website. Of course just about anything that you do on YouTube is absolutely free which makes this a viable marketing option for one and all. That the most popular search engine Google owns YouTube is an added bonus.

2. Social media integration – Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are some of the several social networks where you can share quality video content and additionally get users to interact with your shared content whether in the form of comments, sharing or “liking” to create buzz for your business. Be sure to create a page dedicated to your product and/or business on these forums in order to get the best results. After all the more views the video gets the better are the business prospects.

3. Make an online tutorial/course – If you have a series of videos lined up that seek to showcase several products it makes sense then to bundle together videos (like a package) and sell them as a video tutorial course to either get new leads or make some additional revenue on the side. This will also help create an online buzz about your business as a whole. Also, video products usually sell better than e-books per se and can even be sold at a higher price.

4. Upload videos on your blog – This one is subjective to the fact that you must already have a blog that is followed by a sizable number of readers. That will allow you to get instant feedback from comments that they provide on your blog and if they like what they see, they might even end up sharing the video. And that can only help the SEO of your website.

To summarise, video sharing is something that has caught on in a really big way and everyone who is into online business is using this for marketing. So it is perfectly possible for your video to get lost in the melee. The trick is to make original content and keep it innovative so that your product and/or business gets due attention from potential customers.