Multiplexes or Streaming Apps like Netflix, Prime and Hotstar

Multiplexes or Streaming Apps like Netflix, Prime and Hotstar

I have a Diploma in Film Direction and a Big supporter for watching movies in Theater. Larger than Life experience is something that you only get in movie theatres and not at home or on your mobile phones.

After Netflix and Amazon Prime, I seem to be changing and moving towards home entertainment rather than stepping out and watching in theatres.

There are many reasons for this, In city Like Bangalore, a Multiplex ticket cost will be anywhere between Rs. 200 to 500 and in some cases it’s nearly Rs. 1000. And Netflix monthly cost is Rs. 800 for 4K and Rs. 650 for 2K – wherein Amazon prime is just Rs. 999 per year (started with 499).

If you visit any multiplex in Bangalore, you might have to waste at least 20 mins prior to the move for Ads and Trailers, I Like trailers but the ads are just waste of time and sometimes annoying. PVR, Cinepolis and Inox among the major Multiplexes, will play at least 20 to 30 mins of Ads for each and every movie screening. Imagine waiting for that skip option on youtube, just because you can’t wait for the video to begin – Then how can anyone wait for 10 to 15 mins.

Imagine having to pay 200 bucks for a popcorn which is worth 20 and water which is 50 or 60 worth 20. Most of the times they sell bottles with MRP 20 for 60.

The worst part is when they turn off A/C 20 mins prior to the end of the movie.

Netflix, Prime, Hotstar, SUNNXT, Zee5, Voot, Viu, Sony Liv, Hooq and Airtel TV (which is free) – All these streaming apps provide you with so much content that all your free time will not be enough to watch movies that get released every week. Netflix releases at least 30 to 50 movies and TV shows every week. Prime releases at least 3 to 4 movies every week, most of them are recent ones and sometimes you get to see the movie which is still in theatres. Most of these apps do not have ads, even if they do it is not more than 20 seconds.

So why do you want to watch a movie in a theatre, when you can watch movies at home on a big 55 inch TV for cheap. All the above subscriptions together will not cost more than Rs. 5000 a year (excluding Netflix). Maybe Multiplexes should consider cutting down on few things to bring audience back.