What is Influencer Marketing

What is Influencer Marketing and How you can benefit with it?

What is Influencer Marketing?

You have probably seen it before or even heard it before, Influencer Marketing is a technique or one way of marketing your product or service through some influential people.

Let me put in a simple way, have seen celebs posting their newly received phones or watches or dresses and telling people that they love it, on social media sites like Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

For example – If you are active on Instagram and follow any Bollywood stars, you might have come accross posts where they take selfies with newly released Mobile Phones – or asking you Buy stuff online on some site.

This way of marketing is called Influencer Marketing and it’s not new, however, its more accessible for very small business owners and Marketing agencies nowadays as most of the celebs are on social media and would tweet or post an update for you.

How can you do this Marketing?

The first thing to start with finding the right influencers for you, it depends on what you want to promote and who are your target audience. Let’s say you are promoting your fashion line, and you being a start can’t afford to spend on Marketing.

  1. Identify few people who are into fashion like celebs who have a lot of followers.
  2. Send them some of your stuff in a beautiful gift wrapped package along with a personal letter.
  3. Request them to tweet or post about the gift on social media.
  4. Once they wait for people to flock to your site or store.

There are few things to keep in mind, Does your business have a Physical store or online store, does your business restrict clients to a particular city. If so find local influencers.

How to identify Influencers (Local or Global)?

There are many ways to identify Influencers Locally and Globally.

  1. Linkedin – Linkedin has a search feature which will help you in finding people, all you have to do is make use of filters and find people with a lot of followers and connections.
  2. Instagram – You will have to use tools such as socialblade or tracksocial.net to find people who have a lot of followers and likes. And chose the ones who are apt for your product or service.
  3. YouTubers – YouTubers are Perfect for Influencer Marketing, as most of them will promote or name your product as a sponsor for any video. Most of the top YouTubers have P.O.Boxes listed or address listed on their about channel with Email addresses. Find right people for your product or service and send them a personalized Mail or package with your products.
  4. Similarly, try to choose for Facebook and Twitter – These 2 platforms are not so great for Influencer Marketing as the timelines are filled with so much content that you will get lost. Unlike Youtube or Instagram where your post or video will stand out from the rest of the timeline.

So find Influencers and Market your products – Good Luck Marketing.

If you want any help in Marketing or personalizing your Marketing campaign, I am available for freelancing. I can help you in finding right Influencers, also Designing Packages and content along with personal messages.