Why you should be purchasing WordPress Maintenance service here?

Why you should be purchasing WordPress Maintenance service here?

Why should you purchase your WordPress maintenance service here – and only here?

If you own a WordPress website and have experienced problems with updating themes, plugins or even optimizing your website, then you know how problematic the process is and will take a lot of time and money.

I offer following as a part of the monthly maintenance service:

WPROCKET – Licensed version of WPROCKET to optimize your website and also to take care of Minify, Page caching, Lazy Load, Database Optimization and much more. This service will cost you $39 for one website per year, which you get for free with me.

$39 savings per year.

Ithemes BackupBuddy – Licensed version of BackupBuddy to take care of database backups and complete backups stored locally or even on your personal google drive. This will cost you $52 per year, which you will get for free here.

$52 per year savings.

Ithemes Security Pro – Licensed versions of Security Pro to take of all your website security issues like Malware, Scanning, Hiding WordPress and much more. This will cost you $40 for one website (basic package is for 2 websites $80 per year), which will also be offered for free.

$40 per year savings

Drive Backups – As a complimentary sign up bonus every user will get a free 5 GB drive backups, all data stored on drive, which can be accessed at any time for free. Which will cost you typically $89 per year.

$89 per year Savings

Free SSL: As a complimentary we will offer you a single domain comodo positive SSL worth $49 for 1 year. Which will also be installed by us including forcing the SSL on every page of your website.

$49 per year savings

So a total of $269 per year savings – My monthly service will cost you $29 per month, thats $348 per year – so effective pricing for one year service will be just $79 per year and $6.58 per month.

In addition we to the above we provide below which is worth more than $6.58 per month service:

  1. Monthly Reports.
  2. Guaranteed Security (Your Site will never be hacked, if it does we will restore it for free)
  3. Cloudflare Integration.
  4. Theme and Plugin updates.
  5. Core updates.
  6. Weekly Scanning.
  7. Spam Removal
  8. Spam users Monitoring.
  9. Image Optimization and Compressing.
  10. Website Ranking Reports.
  11. Free Social Media Tools to schedule your media posts for free.
  12. Free Hosting on Yearly Billing (WordPress Optimized Hosting Better than Amazon Aws and Digital Ocean). 5 GB space Hosting with Unlimited Bandwidth, if you need more space then you will be charged Extra.

Above options will help you in deciding whether to go with other providers for maintaining your website or me as a professional who will take care of your site and data with utmost security and planning.

Every Maintenance will be guaranteed with service level agreement that will secure you in every possible way. I also Sign NDA agreements if you insist.

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